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Hello guys,

I want to know if Dell PowerEdge 1950 works fine on FreeBSD 6.1 i386.
(I am interested if network cards are detected and work properly, also
if SATA/SAS drive is detected properly.

There are two problems that you must overcome and they require that you rebuild world and kernel. The network card driver has a problem, and the usb driver has a problem. The former causes the network card to become unusable and only a reboot will fix it. The latter prevents you from using the DRAC card (if you ordered one with the 1950.)

Both problems can be overcome with newer source code files, but you then have to rebuild world and kernel. And you must save those source code files, because you'll need them every time you have to update world or kernel due to security patches.

The two files in question are if_bce.c and ehci.c.



ehci.c v 1.42:


Put this version in place in /usr/src/sys/dev/usb, comment out line 766
and rebuild your kernel and the DRAC5 keyboard will start to work.

The commit note says MFC after 2 weeks, but this seems to have been missed.
I'm going to ping the maintainers and see if I can get it MFCed before 6.2
comes out.

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