Lowell Gilbert wrote:
Eric Schuele <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I usually use cvsup5.us.freebsd.org.  but it has not given me any new
bits for several days now.  And if I use ANY other server what usually
takes five minutes, takes 30-minutes to an hour (or they just
hang). Which is terribly annoying.

I've tried picking other servers by hand, and I've tried the
fastest_cvsup script.  Doesn't seem to matter which I pick.  They all
seem to be slow except cvsup5... and cvsup5 does not give me anything
anymore.  No source, no ports, no docs.

cvsup5.us.freebsd.org does seem to have stopped updating.  I've
cc'd the "hubs" mailing list in case this was not known.

cvsup-master.freebsd.org was down a few days ago, and also on Friday. On Friday it changed its IP address. All of these were scheduled, I believe, but it might have thrown a wrench into the works at cvsup5.us.freebsd.org. (It certainly did on my computer which generates the CTM deltas, and it did require manual intervention on my part.)

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