On Sun, 19 Nov 2006, Chuck Swiger wrote:

Darrel wrote:
With OpenBSD securelevel=2 I can install a kernel, make build, and
install programs which are compiled using Systrace.

What is the highest securelevel that I can configure on RELENG_6_2
which will not affect compiling and installing; e.g., perhaps not
much local difference but having to reboot for a firewall change?
This installation is new and the AUDIT option will be in the kernel.

securelevel = 0.

Because the kernel is installed using the schg flag: if you have securelevel set to 1 or higher, you will not be able to over-write the kernel without rebooting into single-user mode. See "man init" for details.

[ Of course, reinstalling the kernel and/or world is something which you are encouraged to do under single-user mode... ]

Thanks, Chuck.

Excepting my amd64 the computers are servers at work, so I will use
'securelevel = 0' to facilitate system upgrades while "up"- only shutting down now for install world.

6.2 rc1 'install world' failed on my amd64.  I can csup next month
and try out 'securelevel = 3' on that.  Probably build the world,
etc., installkernel, mergemaster and installworld could all be run
from single user then.

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