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> I just did a clean install of 4.7 (I was running 4.0 previously) on a
> machine that I'm using as primarily as a network gateway and firewall
> and also as a file server. It installed fine and is working natd & ipfw
> are working beautifully. However, I am unable to telnet or ftp into the
> box using either adaptor's ip address - I get a "connection refused"
> message. I did set up anonymous ftp access during the install.
> I'm assuming that I did something wrong in the setup to make it disable
> remote access. Can anyone tell me what I might have done and how I can
> re-enable remote access to this box?


You need to uncomment the relevant entries in /etc/inetd.conf and the
restart inetd.

BTW: you might want to consider using ssh in place of telnet. ssh is enabled
by default
and provides an encrypted session.



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