> Hello,
> A Snap Server 1100 just died on me... (Single drive, 
> FreeBSD-based, I think...)
> I think it's not HD related as I can't even get into to the 
> hardware/bios reset mode.
> Have you folks ever heard of anyone opening one of these 
> things up and mounting the drive on a regular PC?
> Since the drive probably has some coruption, due to the MB/OS 
> crash, how would I go about fixing those before I mount the 
> drive and try to copy off the files?
> Since I am not familiar with *nix, can someone point me to a 
> walk through on this?   (Is there a FreeBSD live CD I could use?)
> Thanks,
> David
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These use regular IDE drives so you can plug them to any PC (Note, you're 
voiding the warranty if you open the box).

If FreeBSD OS is installed on them, the first thing I'd do is try to boot from 
the HD unless a custom kernel was made.

If this is not bootable drive, just UFS file system, then use FreeBSD Boot CD 
off freebsd.org to boot the thing and mount the drive according to what the 
drive is named

e.g. mount /dev/ad1s1a /

Good luck!


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