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perikillo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> mount /dev/da0s1 /ext
this is the slice, dont use it
> mount /dev/da0s1c /ext
this is the raw partition, DONT use c - ever, unless u really (think you) know
what you are doing 

> mount /dev/da0s1d /ext


> Always: WARNING: /ext was not properly dismounted
> Any idea about this...?

yes, last time you mounted da0s1d , u didnt unmounted it cleanly. Before you
mount, you should run fsck -p on it:
(as root, or with sudo)

fsck -p -t ufs /dev/da0s1d

> Im using FreeBSD 6.1-p10, my machine has 6 USB ports i have been testing
> with all and the same message.

of course, it is nothing to do with the usb itself, it's a filesystem issue.
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