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VeeJay wrote:
> I have this Help Instructions from a Step-by-Step for Apache

On a side note, you would probably want to install Apache via ports.

       Svein Halvor

If I will install from the Port, how can I configure to add module or
disable modules?

Like if I want to enable following modules, how can I do them VIA Ports? I
Just copy the part of text from this Step-by-Step guide I am using

Compiling and installing the software

In this step we will configure, compile, and install the Apache web server
as follows:

./configure \

--prefix=/usr/local/apache2 \

--with-mpm=prefork \

--disable-charset-lite \

--disable-include \

--disable-env \

--disable-setenvif \

--disable-status \

--disable-autoindex \

--disable-asis \

--disable-cgi \

--disable-negotiation \

--disable-imap \

--disable-actions \

--disable-userdir \

--disable-alias \




umask 022

make install

chown -R root:sys /usr/local/apache2


If we can configure in Port, so where it could be done and how? and if its
in a file, where it would be placed?


BR / vj
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