probsd org wrote:

Hey group. I'm using the latest Firefox2 (non-linux) and have the latest 
diablo-jre15 port installed. I'm finding that the plugin for firefox causes 
firefox to freeze consistently. For example, when accessing myspace, as soon as 
I click on Myspace's mail link firefox will freeze immediately everytime. When 
I turn javascript off in firefox then all works fine (except to send mail in 
myspace you have to have javascript enabled).

I tried the FreeBSDfoundations JRE package but it said it required a  past 
version javawrapper.

java and javascript are completely unrelated(*) so updating Java is unlikely to fix a problem if it's source is, as you think, javascript.


(*) It is quite possible for java and javascript to interact, and this has been an area of great inconsistency and numerous timing bugs in many, many browsers over the years, but nothing you've said points to java being used at all.

Firefox2 lets you disable java (as opposed to javascript) so you could try that and see if that helps, but it seems like a shot in the dark with too little info to me.

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