On 11/23/06, John Nielsen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Is it possible to create a (degraded) graid3 array with only two (or one
less than the planned total) providers? I'm asking since I would like to
move from my current one-disk setup to a three-disk raid3 array, but I'd
like the disk currently in use to be a member of the array and I don't have
anywhere to conveniently back up the data already there. I'd like to create
a degraded graid3 array with the two new components, copy the data from the
current disk to the array, and then add the current disk in to the array.

If that's not a possibility, can anyone suggest a way to get the same end

while i know close to nothing about raid, here is what i think:

1. you have no backup ( otherwise you could pull it off )
2. you are trying to achieve your goal through a tricky method ( me
thinks anyways :-)

is the loss of your data worth less than the cost of an extra hd? if
so, buy another hd. if not, make a clean install?

and assuming a 3 hd raid setup, would it not be wise to have a spare hd anyway?

what's the point?


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