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> > Well, I am not an expert on FreeBSD. And thats why I don't know
> > that how it works that
> > 
> > If 4 Disks of same size for example 146GB each and they are
> > configured with RAID 10, and Root, SWAP, /usr, /var File systems
> > have been created on them. And if one takes one or two harddisks
> > and how come he would be able to read the data when data is splited
> > on 4 disks?
> Your logic escapes me.  If someone were to physically break in to the
> machine to steal your data, why would they only take some of the
> drives?

And to add to it, just in case this comes up next:

if the drives are attached to some kind of external controller, of
course one takes that too.
Even easier if you steal a geom based software-raid10. just put the
drives into a freebsd box and the volume appears (if glabel is also used).
Otherwise you'll have to do some juggling, but surely no rocket sience.

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