[Fratiman Vladut]
This is because u try to access an ip that have same ip like your
gateway, but from internal lan, so packets are sends to gateway but
cannot be redirected back to the http server according with redirect
To resolve this situation, configure a simple dns server on your
gateway, and make a zone with your domain pointed to the internal ip.
Then configure the computers clients to ask your dns server. This is
easily done via dhcp.
Your dns server need to be configured to forward request's for unknow
domains to the autoritarive public dns servers.
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[Russell Wood]
I had a similar setup once and used Split DNS with BIND. So, if you
requested example.com on then you'd get the internal IP,
otherwise you got the external IP.

Russell Wood

Thanks guys,

But Split DNS does not work in my case. Because I have different
services on different machines, and the dns will map one name (and all
ports associated to it) to one machine.

Is there any solution that will work without using split dns?

-- Nilton
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