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> >  So, does it mean that Windows 2003 Server provides more Password Level
> > Security with Unauthorized Access?  
> Where is this presumption coming from?  Windows OS suffer from the same
> difficulty protecting from physical intrusion that any other OS does.

Precisely - MS makes a very strong (and valid) point of saying that once 'the
bad guys' have physical access to your box, the machine is owned.

The was a (very cool) presentation in Ruxcon (ruxcon.org) this year about
hacking into someone's machine via Firewire. And even if it was an exploit,
neither the researcher/hacker nor MS would consider it "security issue", because
to use this FW attack you need physical access... ie, you've lost the battle
already, it's just a matter of picking your method of breaking in.

In short, secure the box both physically and network / services-wise as much as

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