Greetings to all,

  I just upgraded my old IBM 300PL from FreeBSD 4.2 -> FreeBSD 6.1. 

  Everything works, as before EXCEPT my old USRobotics 33.6 modem
(with jumpers).


  6.1 doesn?t seem to find or recognize the modem.  It is set to
com1, IRQ4.


  KPPP finds the modem sometimes, like after a complete powerdown
then restart ? but does not initialize it or dial the numbers.

What I?m wondering is if this modem is too old for 6.1 to deal with. 
And, if so, what kind of modem is BEST for 6.1.


  I know this would be a question for ?newbies? but alas, ?newbies?
does not exist now-a-days.


  Please help, and thank you in advance.


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