Mark wrote:
> One question, though:
> ..if ${.CURDIR:M*/ports/*} && !${.CURDIR:M*/work/*}
> Why would you NOT want to use the new gcc when in a /work/ directory?
> (where ports builds).
> Thanks,
> - Mark

This is because these settings are processed in the ports framework and 
overwriting whatever became of them in the process by applying them to make 
calls from the working directory might break something.

By the way (inserting shameless advertisement), if you find the make syntax 
clumsy for configuring ports and portsconf too restrictive, you might want to 
have a look at buildflags from the sysutils/bsdadminscripts ports. It offers a 
more compact syntax (that actually will be parsed into make syntax) and certain 
knobs, that make handling several compilers, ccache, distcc and parallel 
building '-j' easier.
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