Hello, fellow FreeBSD-users. I'm planning to build MiniBSD (from freebsd)
with, these instructions: https://neon1.net/misc/minibsd.html
i'v red it few times and came to realize, that if i could get that
small FreeBSD why wouldnt i run it in RAM?

I have Intel 333 Mhz / 256 sdram / 10Gb hd.. and few nics.

i could boot up system and then move it into ram, lets say that i'd create
128 Mb size of memorydisk in ram.

All data will be wiped during reboot, but i'll keep the original image on
harddisk, which will shutdown until all system-files are moved into RAM..

Is this anyway possible?

It would reduce noise-level here in my livingroom, so thats all i need,
beside NAT/Firewall :)

all suggestions are considered, but monowall or picobsd are no options,
because i need to learn it myself rather than "go'n buy & setup"

how do i create memorybased filesystem?

mdconfig -t malloc -s 128m -u 5
newfs -U /dev/md5
mount /dev/md5 /
dd if=/mnt/ad0 of=/
umount /mnt/ad0
(drop the harddisk)

something like that?

thanks, for reading :)


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