On Sunday 26 November 2006 19:21, Oliver Iberien wrote:
> Thank you! I knew something like that had to exist.
> It turns out there was a core dump I had not noticed. I had the idea of
> running ls -SlhR /var/ > /.../var_contents.txt and looking for anything
> huge.

FreeBSD has some useful periodic scripts for keeping this kind of thing under 
control - most of which are off by default. You can see the defaults 
in /etc/defaults/periodic.conf and override them in /etc/periodic.conf

For example:

# 100.clean-disks
daily_clean_disks_enable="NO"                           # Delete files daily
daily_clean_disks_files="[#,]* .#* a.out *.core *.CKP .emacs_[0-9]*"
daily_clean_disks_days=3                                # If older than this
daily_clean_disks_verbose="YES"                         # Mention files 
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