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On Fri, Nov 24, 2006 at 03:41:11PM -0800, probsd org wrote:
> I'm a long time proponent of FreeBSD as a server. For a long time I've really 
> wanted a FreeBSD system as a desktop. So, I decided to install the FreeBSD 
> 6.2 and compile xorg, gnome, mozilla, etc... to give it a whirl.
> For anyone reading this, who wants the same thing.
> DO NOT DO IT. Nothing works. java is borked, mozilla and firefox are borked, 
> gnome is ify.... ugh.
> Just dont do it. As a server, I highly recommend it... but it isn't ready for 
> the desktop.

I`m using FreeBSD as desktop since 5.0. It works fine.
  This is another issue I have....... it seems to "works just fine" for some 
people (although I don't know why) and not for others.  How come when I 'make 
install clean' in www/firefox (yes my ports are updated correctly) (and just 
for one example) javascript dosen't work on certain websites but for you it 
does. This shouln't be  ahardware issue.  I also see no Makefile declarations 
to make javascript work for the individual that said I should look at the 
Makefile closer.
  Actually, in looking at the current port version of www/firefox there are no 
-D options.
  I am using FBSD 6.2-prerelease, my 'world' is compiled correctly, my ports 
are updated. Firefox should work on my box just like it works on everyone elses 
  Unless we want to admit that having the latest version of a port installed or 
using the STABLE version of FreeBSD isn't a good idea.

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