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> Regarding my earlier email "Do not install FreeBSD as a desktop"
>   I don't care how long I have been using FreeBSD, or yadda yadda or
> yadda 
>   when I cvsup ports, update the databse, and install www/firefox and
> go to a website I expect firefox's javascript or whatever to work. 
>   Perhaps you enjoy perusing the internet looking for different
> switches and knobs to make it work, I don't. 

Don't be silly. I never had a problem with JavaScript in Firefox and I
never read that anybody had one. If the JavaScript on the site "doesn't
work" this usually means that the script is broken.
Furthermore, as already said, I can't see why it would be the fault of
FreeBSD developers/contributors when Mozilla software doesn't work.
If you want to get help you should perhaps give more detail about what
problem(s) is (are).
After all, if you don't like FreeBSD you don't have to use it.

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