On 2006-11-26 16:15, Graham Bentley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Can any WiFi gurus help me with this one ?
> After clean minimal install of 6.1
> # kldload wlan_wep
> # kldload wlan_ccmp
> # kldload wlan_tkip
> # ifconfig ral0 inet netmask ssid cpc channel 11 
> wep wepkey 0x12345ABCDE
> ifconfig ral0 now reports an association, it has the bssid and chnl
> for my WAP correct and the little light comes on the WiFi card. I can
> ping the ip4 address of the ral0 interface and get replies however I
> cant ping the wap or router ?
> I have double checked the chnl, ssid and hex key all are correct.
> Have tried 'route add' and editting rc.conf by hand to no avail.

Are you running a firewall?  You may have to tune it to pass ral0

What does tcpdump report on ral0 when you are pinging?

    # tcpdump -n -l -vv -s 2000 -i ral0

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