Hi there;

Everything was working fine. Then I did a portupgrade -Rrv on KDE.   

At first, everything seemed fine but everytime I tried to start an https 
conecction I get this:

An error occurred while loading https://www.whatever.com.br:
The process for the https://www.whatever.com.br protocol died unexpectedly.

This happens with ANY https connection. I went through the settings and 
experimented including/taking away options on the ssl settings to no effect.

Opera and firefox have no problem with ssl. Only Konqueror. As a side effect
of this (i believe), Kopette stopped working too.

I prefer using konqueror because of the integration to kde printing system.

Anybody has a clue?

I am beginning to believe that portupgrade is only for small stuff. I never 
had any glitches (and never had to wait for 2 days) when I upgraded by simply 
saving all my settings on a CD, downloaded the new ISO, install everything, 
and get the settings back in.


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