On Mon, Jan 13, 2003 at 10:04:31AM -0800, James C. Li wrote:
> Hi,
> My NIC (Linksys LNE100 TX) has worked fine within a Cable modem LAN (with a
> Linksys router), but since I've moved in to my college dorm, I can't find the
> MAC address.  With ifconfig, I get something like (I can't reproduce it; typing
> this from a public computer):
> % ifconfig
>   . . .
>     ether: ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
>   . . .
> Apparently, the school requires students to register their ethernet (MAC)
> addresses before their DHCP server leases an IP address.  Is there any way for
> me to get the ethernet address through FreeBSD?
> BTW: the machine is FreeBSD-4.7 RELEASE
> Also, could the MAC address by on the card somewhere (if anybody has a similar
> card)?  All I see is some string of numbers like a scan code.
> Thanks,
> James

Your ethernet MAC address should be accessible from `ifconfig` on the
line below your particular driver labeled "ether".  You may also try to
find it using the command `arp -a` which should have an entry for your
local adapter.


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