*** HOW-TO: FreeBSD + Asus V2-AH2 + SamSung SyncMaster 204bw ***
Short answer: FreeBSD 6.2 i386

Phew, I spent a better part of the Thanksgiving weekend getting my new machine up and running. Hopefully, these notes will help out other people with Axux V2-AH2 barebones systems.

Motherboard seems similar to the Asus: M2NPV-VM
Graphics chip: Nvidia C51PV
High Definition Audio chip: MCP51
Ethernet driver: nve

I started with 6.1-amd64-release and found all kinds of problems:
 x  ethernet was not working
 x  nv driver in X windows would not do the
    native monitor resolution 1680x1050
 x  the nVidia X drivers don't work at all on amd64
 x  the audio would not work at all

*** ETHERNET ***
OK, so step one was putting in an old RealTek ethernet card so I could update the ethernet driver. Sure enough, 6.2-RC1 has the nve driver in it.

*** VIDEO ***
Next was the video driver. I tried updating X from 6.9 to 7.2 following these directions:
Still, the 'nv' driver did not work as desired --- I couldn't get it to run 1680x1050 pixels on my SyncMaster monitor. I tried downloading the nVidia drivers:
but they only work on i386. I had to start over and reinstall i386 and forgo amd64. :( As far as I can tell, there is no way to run Mixed Mode kernel objects. You can run i386 binaries on an amd64 system, however, you can't load a i386 ko into a running amd64 kernel.

The nvidia site states:
 If you are using FreeBSD 6.x, you will need to make sure
 that the 'compat5x' package is installed.

Well, I have found you need more than that! You need the 5x /lib stuff as well. You have to copy the FreeBSD 5.x libraries from somewhere to run the nvidia-xconfig script. Here is what I did:
  rsync -av host-running-5.5:/lib/ /lib55
  cd /lib
  ln -s /lib55/libm.so.3 .
  ln -s /lib55/libc.so.5 .

After running nvidia-xconfig, X windows launches with the proper resolution.

*** AUDIO ***
The last step was getting the audio to work.  The snd_hda driver is needed.

The easiest way to do this, is to download the binary snd_hda module. get "sndkld_releng6_i386_lowlatency.tar.gz" from here:
You need to unpack that tarball and copy sound.ko and snd_hda.ko into /boot/kernel. Then run:
 kld_load snd_hda
Oh, if you already have the old sound.ko loaded, unload it first.

Here is more info on the snd_hda driver:

More references:
Asus site

This page (and any updates)

- Rudy

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