On Wed, 22 Nov 2006, Christopher Sean Hilton wrote:

> In all likelyhood FreeBSD needs some quirk to work with the IDE bridge
> chipset in your enclosure. I have noticed that the plain jane enclosures
> seem to work fine but the ones with special features fail. In particular
> I have an enclosure with both a disk and an SD media slot purchased from
> and branded by Compusa that does not work with FreeBSD. I have also
> noticed that the enclosures with a one touch backup button aren't
> supported. I unfortunately do not know how to debug these enclosures.

Well, it looks like we have a winner (loser, actually).  This has the "1
button instant backup" feature.  I didn't expect that to work, I just
presumed that this sort of application was sufficiently generic that
existing drivers would at least function with it.

> They tend to be so cheap that I just home in on the ones that are
> supported. I've noticed that the local Best Buy is carrying an Adaptec
> enclosure. I have two of the 2.5" ones and they seem to work fine.
> Here's a link to the 3.5" version which I assume uses that same chipset
> as the 2.5" one:

Would you or anyone happen to have a link to a more comprehensive list to
those that are supported, or which of the required drivers I should look
at for that info?

Thanks again!

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