What is this "null" stale origin?

cassiopeia# pkgdb -F
--->  Checking the package registry database
Stale origin: '(null)': perhaps moved or obsoleted.
Skip this for now? [yes]
To skip it without asking in future, please list it in HOLD_PKGS.
cassiopeia# portupgrade -a
Stale dependency: docbook-xml-4.3 <-- gnome-doc-utils-0.7.2_1 -- manually run 'pkgdb -F' to fix, or specify -O to force.
cassiopeia# pkg_delete gnome-doc-utils-0.7.2_1
pkg_delete: no such package 'gnome-doc-utils-0.7.2_1' installed

Background: I upgraded portupgrade, then I deleted the package database (database format was changed to db4).

Now I do not know how to fix this. Can't I just remove this stale origin from the package database? Is there a way to rebuild the whole package database instead of fixing it? It is not clear why "pkgdb -F" does not recognize the problem while portupgrade does. Any ideas?


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