On Tuesday 28 November 2006 10:41, Eric wrote:
> I am looking to move a website i run from its current provider (linux
> based shared box) to a VPS solution.  I have been doing some searching
> via google and the mailing list and so far have found
> http://www.johncompanies.com/jc_bsd.html
> which seems like a good setup.
> Can anyone else recommend some good FreeBSD virtual private server
> providers that I can add to my evaluation? Ideally i would like to be
> able to run 6.x.

I'm a longtime satisfied customer of johncompanies. They mean what they say 
about providing expert support and taking their customers seriously. On the 
rare occasions when something has been less-than-perfect, they have been very 
quick and professional about resolving it.

They just recently added FreeBSD 6.1 support. I'm on a 4.x box VPS, but I'm 
planning to migrate once they have 6.2 available.

> Our current usage looks like:
> Disk usage: 1864.38 Megabytes
> Bandwidth usage (current month) : 14858.01 Megabytes

This can easily be accomodated by their midrange package. But you've already 
looked at the website.. :)

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