On Mon, Jan 13, 2003 at 01:00:20PM -0500, JoeB wrote:
> Thanks this is what I was looking for, But after viewing
> the URL you posted I see info for all the releases of FBSD.
> I thought the /usr/src/UPDATING file that was on the
> install CD for FBSD 4.7 only contained the detail info
> on the updates to create FBSD 4.7 since the FBSD 4.6 release
> was frozen?

/usr/src/UPDATING contains all updating information since it was
created, as you might have seen. If your interested in the changes
from 4.6 to stable just read from that section to the top.
For the updating procedure read the following paragraph:
"To update from 4.0-RELEASE or later to the most current

> How or where can I find the UPDATING detail info just
> for selected FBSD version without having to load
> the complete FBSD sources from CD?

I'm not sure what if its exactly what you meant, maybe you could
tell us what exactly you're looking for.


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