On 11/29/06, Ansar Mohammed <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I think its pretty safe at this point in time to expect that everyone with a
computer far less than the list is familiar with google.
Probably a more helpful response would have been for you to recommend
something you have experience with. Someone was kind enough to point me to
something while it they don't have it running on FreeBSD works for them.

But I am sure that some people found your post inspirational. :)

Come on, don't be that :-)

Google does not lead to bare solutions, but to people with
experience. You clearly had not done your homework before
asking. I mean you didn't even say what you need and why
you need it; so the first response mused that you can't need

Anyway, I understand you're not satisfied with my reply -
sincerest apologies for that. Here's a better (longer) one:

I expect you to have no difficulties in setting up an ssh
tunnel over http with "connect" method, supported by most
proxies. However, this method is filtered on most of them to
prevent the very thing we're talking about (plus a thousand
of other types of tunnels). I'm not sure a solution for ssh
over plain http (without "connect") is readily available, but
certainly there's nothing impossible about it.

To be fully compliant, you'll have to use pure pull model,
i.e. send a request for every packet you expect to get. That
means a lot of requests and huge round-trip-time, but that's
what you get for harassing protocols.

I'll leave it at that for now :-)

Please don't top-post.

Thanks for reminding me to behave! :)
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