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   Issue No. 2 -= Oct./Nov. 2006
   3D"" [2]IEICI 3D"" [3]Aviation & Aero= space Sector 3D"" [4]Security &
   Safe= ty Sector 3D"" [5]Archive 3D"" [6]Contact Us
   [=] [7]Aviation & Aerospace
   [=] [8]Security & Safety
   [=] [9]What's New
   [=] [10]Activities
      3D"" What's New?
      [laniado.sw=] U.S.-Israel HLS Technologies Con= ference & B2B
   Meetings -
   Fairfax Virginia USA
   [laniado.sw=] = [11]
   [3D"h=] <= /TD>
   [laniado.sw=] Ness Tech. gets $30 mln HLS deal <= /TD>
   [laniado.sw=] = [12]
   [3D"h=] <= /TD>
   [laniado.sw=] NICE Receives Follow-on Order to Boo= st Security at
   the Eiffel Tower
   [laniado.sw=] = [13]
   [3D"h=] <= /TD>
   [laniado.sw=] Elisra wins Portugal, South Korea co= ntracts
   [laniado.sw=] = [14]
   [3D"h=] <= /TD>
      3D"" Activities    [laniado.sw=]           Aviation and Aerospace 
   [laniado.sweethome.=] [15]
   [3D"h=] <= /TD>
   [laniado.sw=]           Security and Safety Activities<= /TR>
   [laniado.sw=] =         [16]

   NIRTAL Security Consulting and Tra= ining VIP Protection Courses
   [17]
      Dear readers,

   This bi-monthly newsletter seeks to bring you up to date with the la   test 
developments, products & innovations in Israel's Aerospace and
   Sec= urity Industries, as well as, information concerning our upcoming
   event= s in Israel and abroad.
   I hope you will enjoy this newsletter,= and moreover that you will
   find its contents interesting and beneficia= l.
   [18]Li= or Konitzki
   Director – Aerospace, Defense & HLS
   [=] Aviation & Aerospace

   [3D"ht=] <= /TD>
   IAI: Successful first= flight of the SIDM UAV system in France
   EADS and Israel Aircraft = Industry (IAI), have successfully completed
   the first flight of a MALE = UAV System in France. This flight,
   operated from the operational SIDM= ground station, demonstrated the
   integrity of the UAV system. 
   [=] [19]
   [3D"ht=]    Tadiran Spectralink t= o supply pilot rescue system to The 
German Air
   Elbit Systems Ltd. anno= unced that Tadiran Spectralink Ltd. has
   won a contract for the supply= of the advanced PCR-434G/SV Personal
   Survival Radio to the German Air = Force.
   [=] [20]
   [=] Security & Safety

   ioimage Debuts First = ioicam Turn-Key Intelligent Video IP
   Surveillance Camera
   ioimage announced the rel= ease of the ioicam wdc100dn, a
   next-generation intelligent video IP sur= veillance camera that
   automatically detects intruders, suspicious bagga= ge, stopped
   vehicles and removed items.
   [=] [21]
   [3D"ht=]    Magal Releases New Ad= vanced Technology Perimeter Security 
   Magal Security Systems, L= td. announced that its wholly owned
   Canadian based subsidiary Senstar= -Stellar Corporation (SSC) has
   released two new upgraded advanced techn= ology perimeter security
   [=] [22]

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