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Atom Powers wrote:
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>> Hello All,
>> Is there any ssh over http implementation available for freebsd?
> That doesn't even make sense. SSH is a transport layer protocol, HTTP
> is an application layer protocol.

Both HTTP and SSH are application level transports,  however both can be
used to tunnel TCP connections.  Therefore it is possible to use ssh
over http.  The windows putty client can use http proxies to make
outbound connections as long as your http proxy is configured to allow
CONNECT requests to port 22.  If you using squid for example with a
defaultish config you will need to update your proxy server configuration.

SSH is often paired with an application, a shell, but that doesn't
make it an application layer protocol. SSH establishes and manages a
transport layer connection between the client and server, over which
you can tunnel most other transport layer protocols.

This is very similar to the way SSL/HTTP are being used. SSL and TLS
are transport layer protocols that usually use the application layer
protocol HTTP. And like SSH, SSL/TLS can be used to tunnel other
transport layer protocols.

So what we are really talking about here is not "SSH over HTTP" but
"SSH through a HTTPS vpn/proxy", which doesn't use HTTP at all once
the session is established.

Nobody tunnels though HTTP, they use SSL/TLS.

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