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> I'm almost ashamed to ask this BUT I really don't know how to find
> the packages which depend upon a particular port.
> In this case, a portversion -l "<" showed mysql-client in that
> list. I can't recall having installed it by myself

Did you install mysql-server with default options?  Actually, in
mysql51-server port, there is no option to disable install of the
client portion.

> I wanted to know what the packages are which depend on it. Can
> somebody show me this command......and if it will be a RTFM
> answer, please tell me which FM:-)

Here are some of the ways not requiring connection to Internet I
know ...

  - running "make -V {LIB,RUN,BUILD}_DEPENDS" in a port directory
    also lists the appropriate type of dependency list, so would
    running "make pretty-print-{run,build}-depends-list";

  - pkg_info(1) w/ -[rR] options lists the dependencies for given

  - ${PORTSDIR:-/usr/ports}/INDEX* lists dependencies for each port
    (which may need post processing to be human readable);

  - sysutils/pkg_tree port creates text tree of the dependencies;

As for FM, see ...

  - pkg_info(1) & pkg_tree(7)  man pages;

  - ${PORTSDIR:-/usr/ports}/Mk/

  - Parv


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