I have an appserver (6.1-RELEASE-p10) and many diskless clients connected to it. I'm using the diskless clients as X terminals (gdm is running on the appserver). Any user is able to use any terminal, because they run all applications on the appserver. Here is the basic problem: users need to use skype. I have two options:

#1 Run skype on the diskless machine. Then it can handle audio I/O correctly, but the users cannot save their login names and passwords. (This option is also good because the diskless machine can "kldload linux" while the appserver does not need to, e.g. the appserver will be able to run application in native mode only). #2 Run skype on the appserver. Then users can save their skype login information but they are not able to make calls. Well, I could forward the audio output to the client using a sound daemon (e.g. "esd -promiscuous -tcp -pubic -port 1500" on the diskless and "esddsp -v -s diskless101:1500 skype_bin") but I could not find out how to forward digital input. I see no way to forward digital input through a sound daemon, so using a microphone would be impossible.

The question is, how can I solve this problem? Should I use #1 and tell my users that they must not save their skype login names and passwords? Or should I use #2 in combination with a special sound daemon that is able to forward digital input as well? (How?)



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