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Hello, All!

Miles Nordin wrote:
>>>>>> "av" == Alexandre Vieira <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>     av> kernel/tunables recommendations,
> I suggest device polling.  This will increase the pps you can forward,
> and optimistically cause the machine to drop packets rather than go
> into livelock if the pps exceeds its ability.  IMHO it should be used
> on any router.  and IIRC it does work with the hme driver.

I use device polling(4) patch for hme(4):

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Thanks for the tips!

I've added the patch for hme polling and I'm recompiling the kernel. I've
striped the kernel a lot and I'm compiling with -pipe -O2

AFAIK there isn't any CPUTYPE available for this cpu.

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