freebsd 6.1
xorg 6.9

Hey, I have gnome 2.12

trying to upgrade to 2.16

i tried everything from pkg_add (obviously deleting the old one first)
to portmanager
to portinstall
to port upgrade
and building it from the ports tree..

things fail.... one major problem I was having was gail... but i think I have beaten that because now i get another error, cant remember it at the moment
but its irrelevant. I have broken my current gnome installation...

when i startx... it will load all my panels, and any app will run fine, but the *desktop* its self is missing, including the background image. If i go into Desktop Background, it will load, but still I cant right click on the desktop, and there are no icons, and no way to add them
(they are however still listed in my usr/home/dan/Desktop )

I've managed to break all kinds of things, Realplyer wont work now, because I unistalled my old linux base with portmaster for example..... does anybody know of a good way to WIPE gnome, and rebuild it and its Dependant ports from the ground up?

I dont want to re-install my freebsd, as Ive worked very hard to get everything from my M-audio sound card, my custom kernel, and giant fat32 drives, to my apache server etc etc etc, im sure you are all in the same boat if you are using freebsd


Dan Sikorsky
*Systems Admin/GoldMine Admin*,Inc. &, Inc.
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