In updating FreeBSD to a 5.5 resting place on the way to 6.2, sendmail went from 8.12.11 --> 8.13.6. Three users could not connect without deleting or tinkering with their client profile to force the client side to reenter the password. One was only fixed by setting up a new account. the three users from from an office with about 40 others that worked fine.

All the affected users were using POP3, two thunderbirds, and an Outlook Express. The troublesome use was POP3 with Eudora. No one else noticed [which was sorta what I was hoping for :) ]

I hope this is not too off topic, but I know of no other place to pose the question with any hope for an answer. Thank for any thoughts. I think I can rule out local firewalls because the office admin is very savy and would have told me. I ruled that out in the one I worked on. That one literally went from old account fails to new one works with nothing in between.

Doug Denault
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