On Thu, 30 Nov 2006, Chuck Swiger wrote:

> On Nov 30, 2006, at 11:02 AM, doug wrote:
> > In updating FreeBSD to a 5.5 resting place on the way to 6.2,
> > sendmail went from 8.12.11 --> 8.13.6. Three users could not
> > connect without deleting or tinkering with their client profile to
> > force the client side to reenter the password. One was only fixed
> > by  setting up a new account. the three users from from an office
> > with about 40 others that worked fine.
> >
> > All the affected users were using POP3, two thunderbirds, and an
> > Outlook Express. The troublesome use was POP3 with Eudora. No one
> > else noticed [which was sorta what I was hoping for :) ]
> Are you talking about them having problems reading mail, or sending
> mail?
> If it's the former, the change to sendmail is not relevant, as
> reading mail is handled by your POP3 daemon.  Check your mailserver
> logfiles for more information, and ask more questions here if you
> don't find anything obvious there.  Of course, you'll need to quote
> parts of these log files or provide client-side error messages if you
> want us to have enough information to provide more specific advice.
> --
> -Chuck
Ah - yes reading, silly of me. We were are are still using the Univ of
Washington daemon.  imap-uw-2001a,1 ==> imap-uw-2004g_1,1

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