At 05:48 PM 1.13.2003 -0500, JoeB wrote:
>I installed apache-fp on newly install FBSD 4.7 system that was
>installed from cd without any compt selected from /stand/sysinstall
>process and apache-fp was the first port installed on this system
>and in went in with no problem. You must have an older version of
>compt3 on your FBSD system that is causing the problem. If you
>installed compatibility from the /stand/sysinstall process during
>the original install then I believe the ports/make environment does
>not know about it and the only solution is to reinstall FSBD from
>cd.  The other problem area is that you may have a old version of
>compt3 on your ports installed environment and if so, you will have
>to find which of your installed ports has compt3 as a pre-rec,
>deinstall all the ports using it, delete compt3 from
>/usr/ports/distfiles, and then make the ports again.  Or install
>portupgrade and let it do all the detail work for you.
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>I have just cvsupped today and get the error - are you saying to add
>COMPT3 into make.conf cd /usr/src make clean and rm -rf /usr/obj to
>get it
>to work?
>Is there not a few files I can copy to get it working?
>Many thanks

<A lot snipped out>

Joe, ....installed from a CD....??? If that is from the ISO 4.7-RELEASE,
then it predates the compatX3 change we are talking about here. I have
4.7-STABLE installed from Cvsups that further updated after the RELEASE all
the way up to November 5. But, on November 11, the compatX3 ocurred and any
install after November 11, FP is affected and does not cooperate.

Does your /usr/src/UPDATING show the 20021110 change?? It's the last
release note. If not, then your 4.7 is not compatX3 "challenged" as far as
FP is concerned. When was your last CVSup...???

Best regards,
Jack L. Stone,

SageOne Net

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