This might seem a bit of a silly question to be asking.  It's a bit
pointless really but I can't figure out why it shouldn't work.

  I tried setting a 800x600 256 color bitmap as my splash bmp.  The same
bitmap works just fine on another machine (that isn't a laptop).
Basically, while the modules are all loaded nicely I get a squashed and
repeated image in the upper section of the screen.  It's no more than
1/5th of the screen's height and it's repeated horizontally about four
or five times.  Any idea what might cause this?

  My /boot/loader.conf reads:


  I have the VESA compiled into my kernel for the 800x600 mode (I also
had the same problem with a smaller bitmap.  PCX files result in the
same problem also).

  Many thanks,


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