Graham Bentley wrote:
>> Example: you install Z, which depends on Y, which depends in X,
>> ..., which depends on Q.
>> What if Q is "xorg-server-6.9.0_1"?
> I installed 'feh' thinking wrongly it was a console app and ended up
> getting x, xlibs etc etc when all I wanted was a console app to view
> jpgs in elinks. So, the above is exactly what I wanted.

Ok, so you may want x-org-server deleted, by what about some other
dependency that your unwanted app shares with some port you really
do want to keep around?

I find pkg_cutleaves handy. It will loop through all the leaves of
your dependency tree (all ports that do not have any other ports
dependant on them), and asks if you want to keep or delete it. After
 the ports tree is cleaned up, it will ask you to repeat the process
for any ports that may have become leaves as a result of the
previous iteration.

When I look through the pkg_info list, I usually don't know what all
the installed ports do, I why I need it. But i usually do know if I
need a leaf or not.

        Svein Halvor

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