leo fante <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hi
> I've installed freebsd 6.1 on an old pc on which I've configured several
> services. Everything worked fine since last week when the motherboard died.
> I've replaced the mobo and found that now the acpi could work (with the old 
> motherboard
> the installation disabled the acpi at boot since the mainboard was 
> blacklisted).
> Since the old mobo was blacklisted the options on the menu were
> 1 default
> 2 boot with acpi
> Now I would like to have the acpi enabled by default at boot time on the 
> beastie menu.
> 1 default
> 2 boot without acpi
> reading the man of loader.conf I've added hint.acpi.0.disabled="0"
> and now the pc boots with with acpi enabled but without having
> the correct options in the boot menu.
> How I could fix the menu?

>From a quick look at /boot/beastie.4th, I think that setting acpi_load
in your loader.conf will do the job.
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