Robert Davison <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I've just installed an external SCSI hard drive in the form of a sun 
> StorEdge. All is working well.
>   The StorEdge has two drives called da0 and da1 respectivly.
>   I've put entries into /etc/fstab so that they are mounted on boot as /s and 
> /t. My question is.......
>   If I dont have the StorEdge running 24/7 and I reboot the server, the boot 
> process fails when mounting the file systems as /s /t can not be reached.
>   Is there anyway of writing an automount line in fstab that is smart enough 
> to know that if the /s and /t are not reachable then continue with the boot 
> process without stopping. My fstab enty is...
>   /dev/da0s1d   /s    ufs    rw    0    0
>   I see that the cdrom has the entry
>   /dev/cd0    /cdrom    cd9660  ro,noauto   0    0
>   Is it simply a case of changing the mount option to rw,noauto ??

To start with, yes.  If you don't use "noauto", then the disk *has* to
be there at boot.

You might want to put in some devfs rules to mount the disks when they
show up.  Or an automounter.
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