I have three questions about the touchpad on my laptop:

1) Simulate three buttons:
When using my laptop at my desk, I use a USB-mouse with three
buttons. When I leave my desk, I unplug the extra mouse, and take my
laptop with me, often without turning it off. Then, later, the
click-both-buttons-at-once to simulate a middle button click does do
work anymore. The touchpad has only two buttons. Any thoughts?

2) Swap mouse buttons:
When I use the touchpad, I use my right hand. And my hand is a
little tilted, so when i use my index finger on the touchpad itself,
my right thumb rests on the right mouse button. It feels very
natural to press this button, but in order to press the left one, I
need to rotate my hand in a very uncomfortable way to get my thumb
on the left button. Could I switch the buttons on the touchpad, and
leave the USB-mouse untouched?

3) Simulate scroll wheel:
Could I configure the touchpad to simulate the scroll wheel in some
way? On some Windows-computers, I've seen that you could slide your
finger along the rightmost edge of the touchpad to simulate
scrolling. And on Macs, it seems you could use two fingers in the
middle of the touchpad to accomplish the same effect. How do I do
this on FreeBSD/Xorg?

        Svein Halvor

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