On Thu, Nov 30, 2006 at 08:51:33PM +0100, Roger Olofsson wrote:
It is I that should say thanks ;^)

I have tried using libmap.conf to remap libpthread to lib_r but that had no effect. Vlc reproduces the core dump exactly. I am not sure that creating libmap.conf in /etc and just entering as below has any effect at all.

[/usr/local/bin/vlc]      # 'vlc' uses libc_r.
libpthread.so.1             libc_r.so.5
libpthread.so               libc_r.so

libpthread.so.1             libc_r.so.5
libpthread.so               libc_r.so

Yet again, I am most grateful for your patience and input.

If those are the right library revisions then it should work...but I
don't see an effect from changing thread libraries either.


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