Hi Phillip,

I'm a little confused... if you want to move /var/mail to /usr/var/mail why are you messing around with /home at all?

As I said - that was a dry run to see if this would work the way I thought it would (it didn't). I'ld rather practice with a users home directory that isn't important than risk screwing up people's mail boxes.

This is what I would do...

... stop your smtp program
... stop your pop/imap program
tar zcvpf /tmp/varmail.tpgz /var/mail
mkdir -p /usr/var
mv /var/mail /usr/var/mail
ln -s /usr/var/mail /var/mail
... restart your smtp/pop/imap programs...

Thanks. I'll try this tomorrow. On a users home directory first...

Lisa Casey

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