I am running FreeBSD 4.7-STABLE and squid 2.4.STABLE6. In order to avoid squid using my harddisks, I've created a memory filesystem and I've made squid use that md mount as it's swap space. This works fine, however, after several days of operation, squid locks up. I am then not able to kill it in any possible way (not -9, not squid -k shutdown, etc). Top says that squid is in the state 'inode' or 'biord' (the state remains constant, but it may be different each time squid dies). The only way to shutdown squid at this point, is to reboot the machine (i dont like doing this frequently). Finally, I've encountered difficulty manipulating files in the md device when this lockup occurs. I tried deleting some files in one of the squid's cache dirs (rm cache_dir/00/00/* for example) and rm locked up as well.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? What steps can I take to debug this?

Anthony Volodkin

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