Marwan Sultan wrote:
Hello All,

 Well, maybe the subject says all,
 Im running 6.1R acting as NAT, gateway ofcourse, hotspot.
 I have many clients trying to use Vonage, motorola, VoIP devices and
 and few more products.

 The problem is as its described in some websites..
They can call, receive a call, hear the dailtone but no one can hear the other party.

After researching i found out there is a problem iusing FreeBSD NAT with voip protocols.

i have been advised to use STUN servers, (Simple Traversal of UDP through NATs.)
  I found out there is net/stund port and its installed successufly!
  but still lost.

  Can someone kindly and please shade a light on howto
  make voip behind NAT works in my FreeBSD ? im in trouble because of this.

Hi Marwan,
STUN will only work if you have the correct NAT implementation on
your gateway. If you are using pf, you get what the STUN RFC calls
a symmetric NAT. STUN will not help you in such an implementation.
I'm not sure how the other NAT solutions on FreeBSD are implemented.

If you need a solution for a symmetric NAT, you need something that
understands the signaling protocol and can add fw/nat rules on demand
on your gateway, or a media proxy (like TURN).


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