Per olof Ljungmark wrote:
Hi Guys,

I'm looking for advice or suggestions on how to [re]design a small
business network with FreeBSD.  I know that's a pretty broad topic --
I'm not looking for a simple answer, so much as reference materials.

Background:  for over 5 years we've had our business running with a
few FreeBSD servers.  An external Internet connected box serves smtp,
imap, http, ftp, dns (external and LAN internal) and http-proxy.
Another server (on LAN behind NAT router) has Samba file & print
services, lpd and some other things.

I guess what I'm looking for is "best practice" suggestions for
configuring all this optimally.  Problems we have currently include
DNS -- if the Internet connection goes down, the server chokes, and
we can't even get internal DNS.  And security issues, eg:  should the
email accounts reside on an Internet-exposed server?

O'Reilly sells "Windows to Linux Migration Toolkit" which sounds like
some of what I'm looking for, except that it's for Linux -- but I've
dabbled with that kludge enough to probably apply the concepts to
FreeBSD  ;)  Any other suggestions on good books, web sites, etc?


A book that covers both the OS and the services into real detail would be like a a few thousand pages - there is no such thing. For DNS, you need the Cricket Book (DNS and BIND), for other services you need other books. However, a combination of the FreeBSD handbook and the usually excellent man pages takes you a long way!

For the mail server, if you need connectivity from outside, yes, you need to expose it, if not, mail can just be routed to the insisde. Properly set up there should not be a problem exposing it though - most mail servers are built to do just that. As the administrator it's your obligation to keep the stuff updated so that any security holes are fixed before too late.

I should have mentioned that the O'Reilly book takes you quite a long way - after all, we are cousins.

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