Okay, I've checked the previous messages on the subject in the archives,
still doesn't work. The handbook apparently has no info on setting up
flat-bed scanners. There's nothing in the FAQ or other documents part of
freebsd.org. I did read the xsane man page. I'm still stuck. Is there a
tutorial of other doc available somewhere? My scanner - Umax 1220usb.
My kernel does load uhci on boot up, usb does work, my usb mouse works.
I installed xsane, backends and frontends. I edited umax1220u.conf like

# Options for the umax1220u backend
# Autodetect the UMAX Astra 1220U
#usb 0x1606 0x0010
usb 0x03F0 0x0605
# The following line enables autodetection for the
# Astra 2000U. However, this driver isn't entirely
# compatible, so expect color problems :)
#usb 0x1606 0x0030
# device list for non-linux-systems (enable if autodetect fails):

The address I added was from a message I read in the archives, neither
address will make the scanner work.
When the machine boots it does find and recognize the scanner properly.
If I just plug in the usb cable, it is recognized as expected.
What to do now?

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