You're on the right track.  Yes, you'ld need a zone file for the root of
your DNS -- if it's all served from one machine then that would replace
'hint' zone and named.root stuff in the example named.conf

The zone file for '.' would contain an SOA record and then delegation for
whatever forward and reverse domains you want to use.  Eg. supposing you
want to use the TLD 'in.isolation' with IP numbers from
then you'ld need something like:

    ; Root of the private domain name system
    $TTL 604800    ; 1 week

    @             IN      SOA (
                              2006120100 ;  Serial
                              1800       ;  Refresh (30min)
                              900        ;  Retry (15min)
                              604800     ;  Expire (1week)
                              86400 )    ;  Minimum (1day)
    in.isolation.            IN  NS  IN  NS        IN  A   ; Glue
    ; That's All Folks!

Ok, here's the problems I've got so far.  I've made the following files,, isolated.rev, localhost.rev, localhost-v6.rev and

The isolated.* files are for the forward addresses and the reverse pointers
for that I've set up.  The file contains, what I
thought should be, for the "." zone.  (Matthew, from your message above, I
wasn't clear if all I'd need is what you have above, or that it was implied
that I'd need a SOA for the "." zone as well.  So, I made one.)

Now, I'm getting a few errors.  Sometimes it seems that named can't find the
files that I told it to look for in named.conf.  I used the original
named.conf file as a reference, and just filled in the "blanks" as it were,
for my zones.

Also, named keeps complaining about rndc.key files missing.  How do I
generate these key files?  I didn't find anything from 'man rndc'?

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