I have a task that requires I extract a data set from a MySQL server,
and push it on to an Oracle (9i) server. I figured I'd go the ODBC route, 
and installed unix_odbc_driver and its dependencies. 

        However, its pretty clear that I don't fully understand what I'm doing,
and each step forward is costing me half a day of debugging, reading code,
and banging my head against the wall. From the documents I can find on the
web, it seems all I should have to do is install, configure my odbc.ini and
odbcinst.ini files, and go.

        So, the questions:

        1.) Is anyone using unixODBC and oracle_driver_odbc against a 9i
        2.) If so, can someone send me their .ini files and any other 
environment and oracle settings they needed to do to make it work (mine
are below)?

        3.) Have people moved over to the instantclient in ports? If so, does
anyone have some sample code to test the basic ability to connect?


Description     = Oracle Configuration
Driver          = Oracle
Trace           = Yes
TraceFile       = /var/log/odbc.log
Database        = eengstg
Servername      = oracle_server
UserName        = XXXXXXXX
Password        = XXXXXXXX
Port            = 1521

Description     = Oracle driver for FreeBSD
Driver          = /usr/local/lib/
Setup           = /usr/local/lib/
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