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> >Reinstall from backup or fresh binary media.
> So go to GNU and look for a gcc tarball and have at it. But that's not the 
> FBSD way of doing things, is it? I wouldn't do that with MySQL, for example, 
> I'd use the port, right? So, what's the FBSD way of doing this?
> TIA,

Uh, what I said.  "Fresh binary media" = either reinstall from an iso
image, or extract a copy of the damaged files from the freebsd release
media in another way (e.g. fetch the base.* files from the ftp site,
and pass through cat | tar -xfj -).

If it was some other file you damaged, you could repair it by just
recompiling from source, but the compiler is a critical part of the
FreeBSD system and you obviously can't fix a broken compiler by
recompiling with itself.


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